Shopify Theme Developer & Designer

I'm always looking to partner with awesome people in the ecommerce space. Whether you're looking to make your first sale or migrating thousands of products over to Shopify, with 4+ years experience customizing Shopify themes and creating unique user experiences, I can be your Shopify Guy.

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Front-end Code & Design

I've been busy working with some amazing stacks and technologies recently!

With more than 4 years of professional web development experience (and way more as a hobbyist!), I've got coding chops on most modern frameworks including:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Scss/Sass, JavaScript, PHP
  • Git/Jira (Agile/Scrum)
  • Symfony & Twig
  • MySQL
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • WordPress
  • Sketch & Adobe XD
  • Jekyll
  • HTML Emails
  • and More!
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Road Mapping

After years of freelancing I've figured out that many intelligent people think they know what they want. A flashy button here, a great email campaign over here, or a brand new big-dollar app. Unfortunately most of them are wrong. I am not exempt.

My RoadMapping requires both of us in a dialogue.

What if you don't even need a website, or an app, or an email campaign?

What if you didn't waste your time, energy & money on something unnecessary?

A single consulting session together may unearth deeper (and more meaningful) business problems and logic that your business needs. I refer to this process as "RoadMapping" and it's honestly the most valuable product you might ever buy.

The nice thing about RoadMapping is you walk away with clarity and direction for your business -- regardless of whether or not you hire me for the job!
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My Articles

This is where you'll find a handful of writings. This is a new site so I intend to add more posts here soon.

How to Build an Online Store in an Hour

I'm regularly asked by creative & smart people how to sell online with little to no budget. This article is the bootstrapper's guide to Shopify. With an hour of your time, you can have a modern, mobile-responsive online store.

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