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Beauty / Function

I've had an amazing journey working with the Cleobella family. We partnered years ago to convert their WordPress blog into an online store.

Together we've grown along with the popularity of Shopify and eCommerce in general. Shopify was a great choice for them. Cleobella is a retail boutique in Sunset Beach, CA and operates between Southern CA and Bali, Indonesia.

Because the pace of fashion is quick and product turnover is fast, we've build some fresh features over the years and continue experimenting together in the eCommerce space with unique UIs, customer retention features and data-driven design.

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Millennial & Type A - Custom WordPress Themes

Wireframe → UX design → UI Developement

I recently created two reusable WordPress themes for a busy real estate brokerage. The images here were part of my initial UX design deck. These were built using Adobe PhotoShop. The client's final goal was to quickly deploy a website for every property that they had on the market. Being a busy real estate brokerage with properties around the world & multiple sales per week, they needed a WordPress solution that was user-friendly, easy to use and scalable. When the broker was finished with the sale, the site could optionally be used as a directory and resource for the public.

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PSD → Shopify

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sc outlets

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App Integrations → Platforms → Custom HTML Emails

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